Pricing Your Self Published Book

After you have published your book, the issue of pricing comes up. You do not wish to undersell it neither would you like to overprice it. So how do you choose the best price?

Many persons in the publishing field will tell you that to achieve the right pricing of your book, you should compare prices with similar books of the same genre. So for example, if you have written a novel, then you are encouraged to look online and even in physical bookstores and have an idea of what novels are selling for. This is a good strategy for pricing your book, but I will add some other factors to consider:

  • Qualifications and experience of the author – The value and price of a book must be based upon the qualifications and experience of the author. A qualified doctor who has written a medical book should request a higher price value for his book than someone with a similar book, but who lacks the necessary qualifications. A computer tech must place a high value on his book because of his years of experience in that field. The reader must pay for the qualifications and experience of the author.
  • Research time – Because the writer took quite a lot of time for writing and research, making sure that the content of his book is valuable, he should command a fair price. Fix your price based on the time you took to publish a good book.

Do not think that because your pricing seems higher than other books of the same genre, that you wont be successful. As long as you have great content, your book is properly edited and designed and you are actively promoting it, you will sell copies.

Selling your book requires research, hard work, patience and finances, but it can work. Each day thousands of people are searching online for good books. Make your book available to them!