Company overview

Rocima Publishing, based in Trinidad and Tobago, has been in operation for many years, serving writers all across the world. We have a team of experienced publishing professionals who are willing and ready to transform your manuscript into an excellent and successful book.

We provide the full range of book publishing services such as manuscript evaluation, editing, design, printing, ebook, international distribution and much more.

Rocima Publishing continues to increase its line of services and products, making an impact to people all over the world. We strive for customer satisfaction and a smooth publishing process.

Our mission

The following are principles we hold to:

  • Provide excellent customer satisfaction
  • Maintain quality of work at each stage
  • Encourage writers to be their best
  • Expand our services to meet customers’ needs
  • Utilize the best technology
  • Provide affordable services and products

The publishing process

how can we help you?

Publishing with us is simple – submit your completed manuscript and our team will review it. Then we will send you a quote for the cost of publishing your book and the details of the services. You then make the payment and we start the publishing process.

Are you ready to start the publishing process?