Printed Book Publishing

Writers, are you interested in having your manuscript professionally edited, designed and made into an excellent publication? Would you like to have printed copies at very affordable costs?

Overview of Publishing Operations

At Rocima Publishing, we have the tools and experience necessary to transform your manuscript into a beautiful book which will appeal to readers across the world.

Our team take our work seriously making sure that your manuscript goes through the highest standards in book publishing. We are very dedicated and will ensure that the process for you as the writer is smooth and transparent. We carefully evaluate, edit and design your manuscript so that the true colors of your work will shine.


Our dynamic workers are very skilled and experienced in the editing of manuscripts. We do not just fix spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, but we rewrite awkward sentences, provide proper paragraphing, remove unnecessary repetitions and redundancies, and improve the flow and consistency of the content. Our team of professionals also help with the writing of the synopsis, biography, introduction, table of contents, chapter titles, etc. Simply put, we provide a comprehensive and detailed editing on your manuscript.


Our layout artists follow international standards and each page is carefully designed with its text, running headers, tables, charts, images or whatever the writers needs. Our qualified designers will also design the front cover, back cover and spine for your book. We can also do the illustrations for your children’s book, novels, etc.


Rocima Publishing also provides quality printing at very affordable costs. We print in color and black/white and we also have many binding options and paper stock to choose from. We publish any genre of books, such as educational, fiction, poetry, autobiography, inspirational/religious, humor, etc.

Why choose Rocima Publishing?

So why do writers choose Rocima Publishing?

  • Team of qualified and experienced individuals – Our team is very knowledgeable in book publishing. We come with many years of experience and we are committed in doing our best for all writers.
  • Detailed editing and design – Manuscripts will be edited and designed according to international standards.
  • Affordability – One of our watchwords is affordability because we want writers to be able to publish and make their books available.
  • Full range of publishing services – Rocima Publishing provides the full range of book publishing services, including manuscript evaluation, editing, design, ebook, printing, international distribution, audio/visual publishing, website design and much more.

If you have already written your manuscript, kindly contact us and our team would be more than willing to work along with you.