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Over the years, ebooks have been gaining popularity, amounting to million of dollars in sales and there is no foreseeable downward trend. It means then that authors stand to benefit in every way if their books are created in digital format and placed on international distribution channels.


At Rocima Publishing, our design team can create a high-quality and well-designed ebook from your manuscript that can be accessed from digital reading devices or online software. We work with a variety of formats such as epub, pdf and others.


Our complete ebook package puts you in control and gives you that competitive edge in the digital world. Our team will design the ebook files from your manuscript, create the online account in your name and upload your book to major booksellers and distributors such as Amazon.


But the best part of this package is that the sales from Amazon and other online channels will come directly to you! As the author, you will be able to login to your online account, track sales, change pricing and update any information. Rocima Publishing does not take a percentage from your online sales!


Our international partners include Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor, Ingram, Google Books and many other booksellers, distributors and retailers. With our ebook package, your book has maximum chances of success.


Your book will be available in both paperback and ebook formats while you retain complete control over the pricing and available channels.

Allow Rocima Publishing to put you on an even playing field with best sellers and watch your sales grow. Your book will be available for sale on the international market in both ebook and paperback formats.


  • Online account in author’s name
  • Electronic files uploaded to your account
  • Ebook and paperback formats
  • Worldwide distribution channels
  • Profits remain with author

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