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Interior Design

Interior design refers to the layout, alignment and formatting of all elements on the pages of a document. It breathes life into the manuscript, improving its readability and making the message more impactful. This stage of the publishing process requires careful planning and execution and is best left to the professionals.


Interior design is one of the factors that distinguishes between an amateurish and a professional look and feel. This means that this stage is very important and should not be ignored.

Interior design is just as important as the content and should not be ignored. Most importantly, only professional design software and experienced layout artists should be used at this stage.


Our interior design artists have many years of experience in typesetting, formatting and layout of the interior books. We can change dull and boring text into attractive and professionally designed pages. Our work involves:

  • Choosing the right type of fonts according to the book’s genre
  • Paying close attention to white space and margins
  • Formatting text and images to improve readability
  • Correctly breaking paragraphs
  • Removing widows, orphans and unnecessary hyphens
  • Creating attractive interior through styling


As you can see, our interior design services is quite detailed. The message of your book will be very clear and readers will naturally gravitate to it. Professional interior layout will remove all distractions and distortion from the text, resulting in an exciting and meaningful reading experience.

  • Experienced layout artists
  • Professional typesetting software used
  • Clean and attractive interior


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