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Poetry is an expression of thoughts and feelings through rhythmical composition. It is different to prose in that it is written in a condensed and compressed form with a language drawn from the inner recesses of the writer’s heart.

Poetry is still cherished by people all over the world and it is one of the finer arts among literary works.

Publishing Packages

At Rocima Publishing, we have crafted publishing packages in the poetry category, based on a wide range of publishing services. Each option is designed to provide the resources you may need to enhance your writing career.

Poetry Publishing Packages

(Prices are listed in US currency)

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Additional Details On Packages

  • Prices are quoted in US currency
  • ISBN assigned by the International ISBN Agency
  • Authors retain all rights
  • Online account set up in author’s name
  • Customized packages are available
  • Hosting is free for one year
  • Shipping cost not included with free copies

How To Publish With Us

Contact us and one of our publishing consultants will respond within two business days. He/she will discuss the options and services that are best suited for your book. Once agreed, the publishing process will begin.



I had an idea for an educational book, but I did not know much about the publishing process or if this was really a good idea. Then I met with Ashook and he answered my questions and encouraged me to publish and I am happy I did. My book is now being used in our secondary schools and both teachers and students love it. I am very pleased with the work done by Rocima Publishing. They worked patiently with me and produced an excellent publication. I look forward to working with them again. God Bless.

Jacqueline Jones